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The Official Scanner for
Kings Cross

PatronScan is the approved system provider for ID scanners in licensed venues in the Kings Cross Entertainment Precinct.

The New South Wales government selected PatronScan to provide ID scanners for all approved venues in Kings Cross. Contact us to find out why so many venues using PatronScan recommend that you use it at your venue.

ID Scanner for Bars
in Australia

Are you looking for the best ID scanner for bars, nightclubs and pubs in Australia? PatronScan ID scanners are used by nightclubs across Australia. Spot fake IDs and keep minors out, add patrons to the Flagged Patrons List and spot patrons who have been flagged from other establishments.

If you want to spot troublemakers and detect fake IDs, then you need to get the best ID scanner for bars, clubs and pubs in Australia.

Fake ID Scanner

PatronScan is the best Fake ID scanner available in Australia. These ID scanners use OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) to scan the face of the ID and spot possible fake IDs. If you really want to keep minors out of your venue, then get the best possible ID fake scanner available.

Challenge Questions

If you suspect a patron is trying to use someone else’s ID, then you can use our challenge questions to challenge them. Ask them questions and watch their body language as they respond.

PatronScan provides challenge questions for every positive scan, so it is easy to ask a question or two without slowing down the line.

Stop ID Passing

You know the problem: Older cousin enters your venue using a legitimate ID, and then passes it back to the younger cousin who attempts to enter with it.

PatronScan will display a Double Scan alert every time. Catch them using the same piece of ID to enter. Catch them using different pieces of ID from the same person to enter.

If you catch someone passing their ID to a minor, you can place them on the Banned Patrons List.

Age Confirmation

Need to keep minors out of your premises? Having an ID scanner like PatronScan at your front door will help to eliminate errors and reduce the chance of consequences.

Every patron’s age is shown after the ID is scanned, and the ID scanner will notify door staff if the patron is beyond the minimum or maximum age you set.

The Flagged Patrons List

The Flagged Patrons List is a shared list of patrons who have been ejected from venues for drugs, sexual assault, fighting, theft, and other harmful behavior.

The Flagged Patrons List is shared with every other establishment using PatronScan, so if a patron is ejected from a club in your area and flagged, you will be notified if he tries to enter your establishment.

Spot Troublemakers on the List

Spotting a patron who has been placed on the Flagged Patrons List is the first line of defense. When other clubs place a patron on the Flagged Patrons List, they are alerting you that this patron has caused trouble, and you can choose whether to admit or deny entry.

Add Troublemakers to the List

Give troublemakers powerful consequences by placing them on the Flagged Patrons list when they engage in bad behavior. Patrons placed on the Flagged Patrons List will have a flag alert show every time they attempt to enter an establishment in Australia using PatronScan.

Use the Flagged Patrons List to stop patrons from causing harm in your venue.

Stop Crime in Your Venue

Criminals operate in places where they think they won’t be caught. Place an ID scanner at your front door, and criminals will know that they will be caught if they victimize your patrons or your staff. Placing PatronScan at your front door has been shown to reduce theft by up to 74%.

Daily Reports

If you want to take advantage of opportunities to grow your business and increase profits, then you need reports that give you information to spot these opportunities. Daily reports are sent to your email inbox to inform you about your patrons and their behavior last night.

  • Total # of Visitors
  • # of First Time Visitors
  • Bans Shown
  • Banned Patrons Denied Entry
  • Inspections
  • Average Patrons by Gender
  • # of Birthday Celebrations
  • Patrons Repeat Visits
  • Zip Codes of Patrons

Live Stats

Wondering exactly how many patrons are in your establishment right now? PatronScan ID scanners displays your live stats, such as the number of patrons in your venue, the gender distribution, and the average age. Fill your bar or club to capacity faster, and keep it at capacity longer.

Real-Time Notifications

You need to know how your venue is doing in real time. PatronScan will send you real time notifications every 30 minutes, so the information comes to you. Your live stats are delivered to your mobile phone by text message.

If a banned patron attempts to enter your club, you will be alerted by text message right away, and you will know if the patron was allowed or denied entry.

VIP Management

PatronScan ID Scanners include your VIP program right into the software. After a patron’s ID is scanned, simply tap the button to make them a VIP. Every time the patron has their ID scanned they will be recognized as a VIP. Your VIP host will even be notified by text message every time a VIP is scanned at the front door.


You can create memberships instantly for your patrons with PatronScan. Once you have scanned the patron’s ID, simply enroll them as a member. Membership will be tracked and your staff will be informed that they have an active membership every time their ID is scanned in the future.


Add patrons to the guestlist from the office, the door, or from your mobile phone.

Guestlists are kept up-to-date in real-time. See who is coming, and know who placed them on the guestlist.

Trade in your clipboard for an IPad to check in patrons from your guestlist. Scan the patron’s ID and they are checked in.

Promoter Tracking

Does it feel like you are paying promoters too much to drive patrons to your venue? Have them use their mobile phone to add patrons to the guestlist and you can track exactly how many patrons actually entered your venue from each promoter.

Scan Over 3,600 ID Types

Scan every ID with a PatronScan ID scanner, such as passports, driver’s licenses, and international IDs. PatronScan is able to scan over 3,600 types of government issued ID from around the world.

High Speed Scanning

Is speed important at your front door? PatronScan is the fastest ID scanner on the market. Scan every type of ID in less than 3 seconds. The simplified interface will have your door staff managing security with no slow down.

Real-Time Alerts

There are times when you need to be informed of something immediately. Door staff can send out text message alerts in real-time. Send a fight alert to all security staff when a fight breaks out. Notify management when a liquor inspector or the police arrive at the front door.