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First OLGR Approved ID Scanner in Australia

Choose your identity

The Best Scanner in Queensland

Your venue deserves the best scanner available. Feature-for-feature and dollar-for-dollar, PatronScan is the best ID scanner available in Queensland, without exception.

Contact us today and we can show you exactly how we give you the best protection, provide you the most valuable data, and how PatronScan is the best system to use at your front door.


Lightning Fast ID Scanner

You need to get people into your venue, and so you need the fastest ID scanner on the market.

PatronScan is the fastest ID scanner ever to be approved by the OLGR. Scan any ID from anywhere, capture valuable customer data, and spot fake IDs, all in less than 2.5 seconds.

Lightning Fast ID Scanner

The Fastest Flagged Alerts in Australia

PatronScan connects every ID scanner in Australia in real time. This means that when a patron gets kicked out around the corner, you will be alerted by the time they try to enter your venue.

Flagged Alerts are only useful if you get them in time, so don’t settle for an ID scanner that doesn’t connect to the flagged Patrons List in real-time.

Fastest Banned Alerts

OLGR Official Flags

PatronScan has the largest number of official OLGR flags entered, over 4,000 so far, and counting.

Patrons who have official OLGR flags pose a threat to your establishment. They can cause damage, and letting one in can cost you legal trouble and fines. Use PatronScan to make sure you never let one in.

OLGR Official Bans

Scan Every ID

PatronScan will scan every ID presented at your venue. Any government issued ID from around the world can be used so you have no holes in your security.

New types of government ID are issued every day from around the world. PatronScan updates these ID types daily, and newly issued IDs are built into our scanning software within 48 hours, guaranteed.

Scan Every ID

Australia’s Fake ID Scanner

PatronScan is the most advanced ID scanning system that is available to date. Our unique mathematical algorithms in combination with artificial intelligence can easily identify fake and false IDs.

This can assist in keeping our minors from your venue saving you costly fines and OLGR penalties that can jeopardise your trading licence.

Daily Reports

Understanding your patrons is essential to build a better more profitable venue. With our daily reports you can use our de identified patron data to confidently identify the success of a special promotion night, regular patron visits, special birthday occasions and attendance trending over various periods of time. All our reports are delivered daily, weekly and monthly directly to your email inbox for easy and trouble free access.

  • Total # of Visitors
  • # of First Time Visitors
  • Trending over days and weeks
  • Bans Shown
  • Banned Patrons Denied Entry
  • Peak periods of patron attendance
  • Average Patrons by Gender
  • # of Birthday Celebrations
  • Success of a Promotion
  • Regular Patrons
  • Postcode

Promoter Tracking

Our Promoter tracking system can accurately identify how successful promoters are in bringing patrons to your venue.

Identify new patrons and returning patrons with our promoter tracking system.

Promoters can add patrons to your guestlist with a mobile phone or web portal. As your promoters guests arrive they can be automatically checked off the list. A manual option is available so the guests can be checked off by a hostess or host for a more personal service.

A nightly tally report can be generated for each promoter to assist in promoter payments.


Challenge Questions

Well trained door staff use challenge questions to challenge a patron if they suspect that the ID is not legitimate.

The best ID scanner in Australia, PatronScan, provides your door staff with challenge questions right on the screen, so they can ask a question or two without slowing down the line.

Keep Troublemakers Out

It is hard to spot troublemakers before they start trouble in your venue. PatronScan, Australia’s best ID Scanner for bars, will display an alert if a patron who has been flagged at another venue tries to enter your establishment.

You will be told the reason they have been flagged, so you can make a decision to either allow or deny entry.

Improve Venue Performance

Did you know which indicators affect your venue’s profitability the most?

Bar & club owners throughout Australia use the best ID scanner to collect performance information, so you can make good decisions.

The PatronScan ID scanner for bars and nightclubs reports venue stats every day, so improvements are quick and easy to make.


Fill Your Club Faster

Our lightning fast fake ID Scanner can check the age, detect a fake ID, and spot troublemakers in less than three seconds.

The best bars and clubs in Australia use the best ID scanner in Australia to get patrons inside quicker.


Run at 100% All Night Long

Don’t leave patrons standing in line while you are below 100% capacity.

Use Australia’s best ID scanner for bars and nightclubs to run at exactly 100% all night long.

Increase your profitability and maximize your revenue using the most sophisticated ID scanner app in Australia.


Sophisticated Venues use Sophisticated Technology

Using the most sophisticated ID scanner in Australia at your establishment indicates to your patrons that you run a sophisticated establishment.

Having your ID scanned is one of the first experiences your patrons have when they enter your venue. PatronScan delivers the best experience to both your patrons and your staff.